Business Philosophy




By combining experience and know-how, IBS has developed a highly satisfied clientele. IBS uses state-of-the-art equipment, hires best professionals, supplies high quality materials as well as provides our clients with an outstanding service.

  • We believe that honesty and integrity are an essential element of every job.
  • We believe in working hard for our clients to ensure the best prices and best quality work from our tradesmen. 
  • We collaborate with the best subcontractors to bring our project on-time, under budget and evidencing the best quality workmanship.
  • We believe our employees are our best asset, working hard every day to complete each job with quality workmanship, attention to detail and pride.


IBS Plus

Our people are our greatest asset. We create a challenging, safe and rewarding environment that people want to be a part of. Our tradition, stability, and established reputation as a contractor provide long-term career opportunities for our employees. Innovation, leadership, personal integrity, a positive attitude, and a passion for the work are essential traits that define individual success.

We respect the value and contribution of every person and recognize that every job is essential to our success.

  • We are ethical and honest.
  • We provide a workplace free from harassment of any kind.
  • We communicate openly and honestly throughout the organization.
  • We actively listen to each other, and acknowledge and respect each other's values.
  • We believe that teams, not individuals, are the essential unit of this organization.
  • We recognize the value and importance of balance between work and family.
  • We believe that work should be fun.
  • We recognize and reward performance.
  • We want to be the best, not the biggest!