International Business Systems (IBS) Company was founded in 1410H (January 1990G) by Engr. Humam I. Jabban.

At first it was formed to focus on core construction and maintenance activities, improve organizational efficiency and improve access for clients, suppliers and partners. Since then, due to the experience gained in diversified activities, it has built its reputation in the civil, mechanical and electrical fields, as well as high quality woodworks and furniture manufacturing.

During the last 20 years the pursuit of excellence has been rewarded with long-term trust of clients and IBS carries on that tradition of service. The company has quickly built a reputation for integrity, teamwork and commitment. Since the beginning it has referred to its clients as "respected friends".

Most recently IBS has joined its operations with Emaar by signing a 260 million Saudi Riyal Contract. IBS will continue to bring the same dedication and commitment of excellence to the company's projects and its future.